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Friends, Colleagues and Favorites

You can establish these relationships to organize relationships to other members and control, what information they can view. Favorite is not a mutual relationship, you just can select another member as such. Friend or Colleague relationship is mutual and bidirectional, it must be requested from the other member. All three types give you a thumbnail gallery for the organization and some management tools. As an extra you can rank each member for sorting and make private annotations on each member, which will help you to keep additional information. Friends are organized in a public list and colleagues are known to the colleagues only. Friends and colleague are allowed to make comments on your profile and they have access to your private photo galleries. In addition, colleagues can view some more information about you.

We see Friends and Colleagues as business relationship, but if you like to make it more personal, its up to you. Some people make friends only to get their faces in other profiles.

Idols and Fans

Idols are people you like. You can gather these in a list of Idols. This makes you appear in that persons list of Fans. The Annotation you make will be visible to the person you like in their Fan list. Note that Annotation in other list are private.

Member Gallery

This is a Thumbnail index of all members or members which match the current settings. Use this to locate members by their avatar. Try the powerful tool to sort (order by) or filter (search) by several criterions. When searching, a pattern can have wildcards matching one "_" or multiple "%" characters. Search for Gender F to see all female members or search for ProfileType M for models or P for photographers. Countries are expressed by there Internet abbreviations, which are us=USA, ca=Canada,de=Germany and so forth.

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